Pleasure In Leaving

by Joel Harkin & Chris Toye

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released August 14, 2014

Recorded in Joel's Bedroom.
Produced by Joel Harkin and Chris Toye.
Mixed by Joel Harkin.
Mastered by Terry McGinty @ Valley Music Studios,



all rights reserved


Joel Harkin Donegal, Ireland

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Track Name: Meredith
Oh, Meredith
she was here again last night
in my bed and in the back of my mind
and she held my hands
across the table but nothing felt right

So, Meridith
what do you recommend? for this pulsating indifference
go to the city, surround yourself in people and be alone for an instant

Maybe, i'll be the boy of some young ladies dreams
just haven't met her yet, just haven't met her yet
and that night, i was drunk and i kissed you while the others slept
its not alright no its not alright

oh, me and her
we'd meander , down the river before it swallowed us whole
and we'd slip to the bottom. no time for one last glance
i'll never know you again i've lost my chance

little slave tell me, do you find comfort in living? it doesn't look like it
doesn't look like it
So, Sarah, did you find pleasure in leaving? sure looks like it, sure looks like it
Track Name: The Tide
And I would not stop crying but I'd drown in my tears,
And all that has happened is the realisation of my fears,
And things have been spiralling for such a long time,
When you count to ten I only count to nine

But I don't know how far I have left to drop,
See its a long time since I felt on top

And I guess deep down I've always known,
In the end the sea tides would call me home,
(Bm) But I must refuse,
Because the seaside and forests are where my friend's words lie,
With the wind in the trees and with every single Low Tide
But its not about them now it's all about you,
The things I don't say and the things that you do,
You ask me to go and you know I'd try to follow,
But the wind has sung, and shown my heartstrings are hollow,

Why does this have to be so tough?
Love may not be all but its enough
Track Name: Siobhan In New York
you'll find me on the streets of london
drinking coffee in a cafe in new york
busking on the steps of sydney's opera house
as long as the planes don't stop

ive got in my head, i'll travel
around the world before i settle down
and at each person i will marvel
as i long for donegal and my home town

what if i stay here forever
stuck like a coin in a shopping cart
id sell my soul to leave the green hills that i love
but i know leaving will break my heart

a friend of mine she left here for scotland
and she spent christmas staring at the city sky line
she says shes no reason to ever come back
but i hope id be inclined
yeah i know id be inclined

and so Siobhan i'll save my pennies
and try visit you just like we planned
but i wont stay away for ever
because i love this beautiful land

i don't care if i ever leave here
i'm a bird in an open cage
i wanna see the sunrise and i wanna taste that moon shine
but its here ill see the end of my days
here ill see the end of my days
Track Name: Shallow Grave
He was born into a world, that does not give a shit,
The last one of half a dozen kids,
So who gives a fuck if the glove does not fit,
Just put it on and you'll grow into it,

He lived off of favours and lived in in hand me downs,
But one day son, I swear you'll wear a crown,
And sit upon a golden chair,
But one false move and a noose will cut off your air,

Because so petty, is the human disease,
Opinions, wil change like the breeze,
You always give more than they gave,
But they will still bury you, in a shallow grave

Because these men, are nothing more than mice,
Who've built homes, and taken wives,
A child's mind in a body fully grown,
Is better than a coward's heart with a lion roar

The cowards below, they flock like sheep,
As they join the calls for him to be murdered in his sleep,
Now the king's been betrayed by his queen and the knave,
Now they'll bury him in a shallow grave
Track Name: Never Be The Same Again
It was dark and late that night
your words took away my sight
now i cannot gaze apon your face

the time has clearly made you change
your personality, thoughts , your ways
you're not the person that you used to be

i've changed too, i think, i'm sure,
now you're gone and you were the cure
to the fatigue and to my monstrosity

now all my fields are black and white
the dusk is dawn and wrong is right
and i died for love at 3 am that night

the trees will grow to shaded peaks
but you wont hear that old man speak
he's never been the same since then
since the night they called it quits
i don't care to put a name on it
he's never been the same since then
and he'll never be the same again.

well martha jones and mr frost
did they find each other or stay lost?
gives me hope that il never love again

but one more time, it couldn't hurt
to laugh and smile and feel and flirt
and fill my pockets up with sand and dirt

cuz i'm the keyboard gathering dust
play me sweetly and in you i'll trust
all the things that i cud never tell

il bite your lip and kiss your neck
but still remain a fucking wreck
and tell my tales on the bass and treble clef

comrades please avert your eyes
he's not a man but a boy disguised
with a temper he could never choke

so with mothers care and fathers wit
he makes the choice to stand not sit
boy i have no time for jokes

il shine the pane so you see past
the indifference of this crystal glass
it keeps me on a wooden floor

so give it 40 years or more
to either be safely on the shore
or drowning in a lake as deep as whores.
drowning in a lake as deep as whores
Track Name: Roses Pt. 2
This current will soon rise above our heads,
The all-consuming beast will soon be fed,
With memories of love and summer leaves,
We've given it a grave for you to lay down your wreath,

And give it up
before you're consumed by rage,
Now you're alone,
No longer confined to a cage,
By loyalty to some
unknown force,
It's over now your song will sing no more.

Now I've given up, because our love ain't getting older,
I should have let you know I loved you long before I told ya,
Now I'm sick of fighting I wasn't born to be a soldier,
I've left the ruins of our battlefield, never more to hold ya

And the waves will crash in with the tide,
Summer has died,
Nothing lasts forever I suppose,
This love will wither and die like the rose.
Track Name: Corfu
You've always said you know me too well
so you'll know that im never coming back
ive become some old rusty piece of seashell
just trying to stay intact

and i looked out across the water
remember the taste of sea salt on my lips
and all the dolphins they seemed to swim in order
and after the rain yeah you could taste the mist

the air we breathed was not familiar
trapped in a tiny room yet somehow free
and every morning youd open up the curtains
never to be met by that arsenic sky we used to see

night will fall and we'll walk down to the bar again
that front porch space gives room for my words to dance
a couple smile at me they're getting coffee
i know i am young but perhaps ive lost my chance
have i?

[we went outside and howled at the moon and stars longing for the ones we lost
brothers now we share everything never again to be burned drowned buried or forgotten]

have i?

[we march forward with our thoughts and a childlike sense of wonder until we find true happiness, through song until the day we die and if we find it and settle down hopefully then we'll see no pleasure in leaving and we might stay. we might stay]

I called Zak he said lets get off the island
and we spent the day at sea drifting with the tides
he tells me the storys of his childhood
and in return i play the songs he likes

the sun went down and our spirits went with it
so we tied the boat to one lonesome palm tree
i said thanks and walked back to the apartment
hoping that one day clearer sky's i might see
but willi? will i?

[it is very probable that thats exactly what ill see]

I'm sure

[but how sure can we be that it is what it seems?]

i'm sure

[conspiracy or fairy's dreams]

i am. i am sure

[but how sure can we really be? they say youre a fool if you think that the world is not corrupt that the people in charge actually even give a fuck nothing but negativity and ive had enough just gunna play some tunes and write some stuff]
Track Name: Pleasure In Leaving
Goodbye to you my summer love,
I hope you remain a friend of mine,
But it was right for us to part,
Come back to me in the wintertime,

See your love is a seasonal gift,
I only get it once a year,
And when its done you scurry away,

For your flower blooms once a year,
But I've a Rose for each season,
I hope you find what you need,
Find Pleasure In Leaving

But I'll return to you when all else fails,
And my life is devoid of hope,
For if the devil is in the details,
Then your love is a microscope,

I'll take a pen, and let out this rage,
That which spills, will fill the page,
Its fallen to ruin, and there's no use deceiving,
Have you found Pleasure In Leaving?

For you and Conor, made a happy boy,
But you built it on faith, and I've stopped believing,
Did you find what you were looking for?
Then where was the Pleasure in Leaving?